Thursday, 5 May 2016

Punching the Ball in a Ruck

In the Sarries v Falcons game last Sunday. A Sarries forward started throwing punches in a ruck. The ref and TMO reviewed the incident and said the Sarries player was attempting to punch the ball being held by a falcons player on the ground. As no punches landed on the player, then this was ok and so no penalty to Falcons.
Surely this was dangerous play and reckless. Any views please?
The Rugby Ref has had a look at the incident and the referee's description it totally correct.  The Sarries player was attempting to dislodge the ball which was being held.  As he was only striking the ball no foul play has occurred, so no offence.  If anything the offence was against Newcastle for holding the ball in a ruck.  As it was, the penalty went against Newcastle anyway for side entry.

Of far more concern was the Newcastle players asking for a red card and challenging the referee.  We don't do that in Rugby!

The Rugby Ref

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