Friday, 6 May 2016

Double Movement

Hi can you clarify double movement laws please
I thought you were allowed to make a positive movement post tackle
Simon Carlton Rhodes

Hi Simon

The words "double movement" do not appear anywhere in the laws of the game.
Following a tackle the ball carrier has to  pass, place or release the ball "immediately". (Law 15.5).

There is one exception.  A ball carrier tackled close to the try line may reach out and ground the ball to score, but again this must be done "immediately".

Double movement is a phrase usually used to describe the actions of a ball carrier who scrabbles along on his hands and knees, or lurches forward using his knees and elbows, after having been tackled.  This kind of action is penalised as "not releasing the ball immediately after a tackle".

The Rugby Ref


  1. What is the position if the ball carrier drops the ball, the ball does not go forward, then he re-collects it to put it down over the line for a try?

  2. I believe you are referring to an incident in the World Cup?
    In that instance the ball carrier dropped the ball, which went backwards, all good, play on. However he was on the floor when he then recollected the ball to place it over the goal line. A player who is off his feet is out of the game and may not play the ball until he regains his feet, so the ball carrier is playing the ball illegally.