Monday 8 March 2021

Time on after PK

 Hi Ref,

I believe you also watched the match between End and Wales on last Sat.

About the first try of Wales, i am curious about the “time on” calling of the ref.

Was it a correct or proper time point or  management to call “time on” after the ref briefed to England’s captain?

I believe the ref knew the England is still in a circle right before he blowed the time on whistle.


Thanks for the question Bly.

Deception and subterfuge are all part of the game in rugby.  Dummy runners, switch plays, quick throw in's and taking quick penalties while the opposition are not paying attention, are something we don't want to lose.

However the referee should not be part of this and should be above reproach.  In this instance the referee told the England Captain to talk to his players, this involves calling in the wingers and backs from some distance.  It is only common sense that you then have to give the players time to get back into position after they have been spoken to.  Calling time on when the players are still in a huddle is a bit of a 'gotcha' and most would say poor management by the referee.

I believe the referee himself has acknowledged that this was a mistake on his part.  We all make mistakes, it's how we learn, luckily most of us don't make them on such a large stage.

The Rugby Ref