Saturday, 22 September 2018

3rd game of the season

3rd game of the season for The Rugby Ref, well actually 3 games with a tri-team Vets tournament.  Two hours of refereeing for The Rugby Ref, total score 20/20

The changing room was large and clean.  Nice shower and a drink and a chocolate bar waiting for the referee. 10/10

There was a fantastic buffet laid on for the occasion, so the after match meal scores 10/10 as well.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Off side line at a tackle

Hi ref .Can you clarify new off side line at a tackle.The law says once a player is over the ball , off side lines are created.  Also the world rugby picture ( in their app ) Regarding tackle Shows a picture regarding off side lines with the 1st arriving player , actually stepping over the ball ..
Can you clarify what over the ball means .Does the 1st arriving player , need to actually step over the ball ..
What if he simply leans over the ball. But doesnt step over the ball
Also , if a jackler with hands on the ball , but feet still behind ball .Does this. Create an off side line ..
Thanks from jacky
Hi Jacky

So the law now says:
Law 14.10
Offside lines are created at a tackle when at least one player is on their feet and over the ball, which is on the ground. Each team’s offside line runs parallel to the goal line through the hindmost point of any player in the tackle or on their feet over the ball. If that point is on or behind the goal line, the offside line for that team is the goal line.
In practise this means we initially have a tackle with a tackler and ball carrier on the floor with the ball.  If a player picks up the ball after entering the tackle area from his own side, then play continues.  But if an arriving player stands over the ball in a position to initiate a ruck, then offside lines are created.  Don't get too hung up on the wording, when a player stands over the ball or the tackle you will know it.  It will look like it always has at the start of a ruck where one player waits for contact from the opposition.

If a jackler has his hands on the ball, he will by definition be over the ball in some way, so yes offside lines are still created.  If a ruck is created he can continue to play the ball as long as he isn't driven off it (commonly know as being beaten by the ruck).

It is always useful to think less about what the law says and more about what it is trying to achieve.  In this instance the law is wanting to prevent opposition players loitering on the wrong side of a tackle to prevent the ball being played away.  Previously there were no offside lines at a tackle so this was allowed.  Now once we have a player over the tackle the new offside lines prevent this negative play.

Hope that all makes sense.
The Rugby Ref

2nd game of the season

2nd game of the season for The Rugby Ref, total score 19/20

The referees changing room was perfect. Nice size, own toilet and shower, lovely and clean with a mirror.  Drink and snack also provided.  10/10

The after match meal was a lovely stew with some fresh bread, there was also the option of a curry.  Plastic cutlery and bowl let it down a bit, so 9/10

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

I've just bought myself some new Canterbury boots, a good reputable rugby
brand, but I am a bit dubious about the legality of the studs.  If presented
with these on a Saturday I would think twice about allowing them to be used.
The tips are the requisite 10mm across but my concern is that the tips are
not rounded and therefore have an "edge".
Are these legal?
Timothy Wilcox

Hi, I was wondering are these studs legal for the 2018/19 rugby season
Many thanks

Hi Tim and Liam

It seems you have both bought the same boots!

If as Tim says, the tips are more than 10mm across then the boots (studs) are legal, but Tim highlights a good point.  Are the boots "safe".

If the edge of the studs became sharp of scuffed then the boots could become unsafe very quickly.

The Rugby Ref would recommend running your hand across the studs, if they scratch or cut your hand then they are unsafe.

The Rugby Ref

Monday, 3 September 2018

1st game of the season

1st game of the season for The Rugby Ref.  Total score 12/20

Unfortunately the referee's room at the club was designed by a scrum half with a ceiling height of under 6'.  Since The Rugby Ref is 6' 8" this proved less than adequate. However it was clean with it's own shower so it gets a score of 7/10

The after match meal was a bacon butty with a bottle of warmish Brakspear Bitter 5/10