Monday, 20 November 2017

Poorly Refereed game

Hi there ref,
I had a poorly refereed game yesterday where the ref had no understanding of the rules and it took players and spectators to keep him informed.
I then filed a complaint to the schools director of sport which i ended the letter as anonymous. It has now arisen that i have not remained anonymous is this allowed?
Kind Regards,
Hi Anonymous

The Rugby Ref can't comment on school policy regarding complaints, but The Rugby Ref can comment on the referees ability.

Every game needs a referee.  Every referee has to start somewhere.  Unless you are prepared to step up and get a refereeing qualification yourself, then you are in no position to criticise.

You see a poor referee being instructed on what to do by the players and spectators.  The Rugby Ref sees a young referee doing his best and being abused by the players and spectators.  What will probably happen is that young lad will stop refereeing and next time you play you wont have a referee and therefore wont be able to play.

The Rugby Referees experience is that most players struggle to understand the "Laws" (not rules), so any advice given is usually wrong.

The Rugby Ref