Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Quick tap penalty

Played today, we were given a penalty advantage at a breakdown. our scrum half put the ball on the floor and asked the ref if we could have the penalty as we wanted to go quickly, he then stopped her going quickly because she'd "asked for the penalty". 
Is it correct that she can't go quickly because she's asked for the Penalty? If so what irb law is this as I've had a look and can't see it online.
Hi Becky

There is no law that covers this other than that the kick must be taken at the place of the infringement. However there are sometimes management issues for the referee that preclude a quick penalty being taken and the referee may take the opportunity to slow the game down for a number of reasons.

If the referee says you can't take it quickly, then you have to wait.  The Rugby Referee is interested in the phrase "she asked for the penalty", this could mean a number of things.  It could mean the player didn't want the advantage and asked to have the penalty instead.  That is a request that many referees will go with.  It could also mean the player appealed for the penalty, which is dissent.  In that case the referee might well slow the game down.  If one team appeals for a penalty and gets it, the other team may think it's ok for them to do the same, next thing we have 30 players all appealing for penalties.  If a player appeals for a penalty it makes it difficult for the referee to give it because of that and they may take the opportunity to slow the game down and possibly speak to the player or the captain about it.

The Rugby Ref