Thursday 29 October 2020

Take any action to make the opponents believe that the ruck has ended, when it has not.

Hi Ref,

One situation I faced in today’s game.

Ruck formed and the ball was possessed by team A. A’ no.9 was behind the ruck and put his hand on the ball (not picked up yet, that we know the ruck was not end.).

One of A’s forward asked the no.9 to leave because they changed their strategy to move forward by some big men. The no.9 left but no players of B were misled to move cross the offside line. Should I let the ball play on or?

What if team B’s player were misled to be offside? Manage them to be back on line or FK to team B



Hi Bly

So let's look at the facts. The ball hasn't been lifted and the ruck hasn't ended.  No player has made any move to dummy the ball or fake the ball being out.

The law states that "Players must not take any action to make opponents believe that the ruck has ended when it has not".

From your description Team A did nothing to make the opposition think the ruck was over, they just repositioned their players.

So to answer your questions:

Should I play on?  Yes definitely, we are looking for reasons not to blow the whistle and allow play to continue wherever possible.  No laws have been broken, so play on.

If team B came offside should I manage them back or Free Kick them?  Same answer, manage them back onside and allow play to continue.  Don't blow the whistle unless they have a material effect.

Thanks for the scenario.

The Rugby Ref