Sunday, 23 September 2012

The new season is well under way, how is it going?

We are now three weeks into the new domestic season, using the new Law Amendment Trials (LAT's).  So how is it going?

Well the new LAT's don't seem to have made a whole lot of difference at grassroots level.

  • The nearest a conversion kick has got to the new 90 seconds allowed, is 60 seconds, so not an issue.
  • Knock on into touch.  The Rugby Ref has had quite a few of these.  Options offered, no big issues.
  • New position of a Quick Throw-In.  The Rugby Ref hasn't seen any of these.  He saw one on the TV in the recent Exeter v Saracens game, but it was a bit of a disaster tactically.
  • New Scrum Engagement.  No big deal, the new engagement procedure has been accepted by all and there have been no major problems with it.
  • Lineout alternative.  The Rugby Ref has offered the options on one or two occasions, but the lineout has not been taken.  Nothing to see here, move on.

So there we have it.  The new Law Trials came in with rumblings and mumblings from some areas, but appear to have descended on the new season like a damp squib.

You can refresh your memory on the LAT's by clicking HERE.

CTR asks..........

Hi the ball has been kick into the dead ball area the attacking player slids in, but goes passed the ball then reaches back and touches the ball down ... Try given ? although all his body is outside the dead ball area ... isn't he out of play ?
If the ball has gone past the dead ball line, then the ball is dead and we look to a restart.
What The Rugby Ref thinks you are saying is that the ball was lying in the in-goal area.  In that case any player may press down on the ball for a try or a touchdown.
From your description the attacking player did indeed press down on the ball, so the question is, can he do this from outside the in-goal area.
The answer is yes he can and the try was good, provided he only pressed down on the ball and didn't pick it up.
Law 22.4 Other Ways to Score a Try
22.4(g) Player in touch or touch-in-goal.  If an attacking player is in touch or touch-in-goal, the player can score a try by grounding the ball in the opponents' in-goal, provided the player is not carrying the ball.
Thanks for the question.
The Rugby Ref