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Monday, 5 February 2018

Scrumhalf leaves the scrum?

Hi ref,
I have some questions about scrum half leaving the scrum.
1. Can the scrum half of team winning the ball move far away before the end of the scrum? (If he keeps behind the hindmost foot of the scrum)
2. For U19, we know the ball cannot be held under the no.8. If question 1 is positive, should I award a FK to defensive team since the leaving scrum half normally follows the ball being held under the no.8?
3. If 1 is positive, can defensive scrum half follow the offensive half once the offensive one move away toward the left side?
Hi there, thanks for the questions. In general the offside line for scrum halves is the ball; or they retire to the back foot on their side of the scrum and may then traverse across the pitch (but not in front of the back foot); or they retire back to at least 5m behind the back foot and remain there until the scrum is over.

To answer your questions specifically:
1. Yes he can.
2. The Rugby Ref would advise shouting "use it" and encouraging the No 8 to pick up the ball and play it. A Free Kick in this instance should be a last resort.  If this were to happen and they didn't use it The Rugby Ref would advise the teams of their obligations at the next scrum.  Remember to look for ways "not" to blow the whistle.
3. Yes, both scrum halves can traverse the pitch as long as they stay behind their respective back foot.

Law 19 (2018 numbering)
28. Prior to the start of play in the scrum, the scrum-half of the team not throwing in the ball stands:
a. On that team’s side of the middle line next to the opposing scrum-half, or
b. At least five metres behind the hindmost foot of their team’s last player in thescrum and remains there until the completion of the scrum.
29. Once play in the scrum begins, the scrum-half of the team in possession has at least one foot level with or behind the ball.
30. Once play in the scrum begins, the scrum-half of the team not in possession:
a. Takes up a position with both feet behind the ball and close to the scrum or
b. Permanently retires to a point on the offside line either at that team’s hindmostfoot, or
c. Permanently retires at least five metres behind the hindmost foot.

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