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The Role of the Assistant Referee (AR) and the Television Match Official (TMO)

I hope a simple question, if either the assistant referee or the TMO suspected that England ‘sheared off’ in the maul and that Peyper should not have awarded the (penalty) try because of this, are they entitled under the TMO protocol in the world cup to request a review.  It was within two phases of the try being scored. 
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Let's look at the relevant Laws.  The pertinent bits are at 6.A.7 (b) (iv) and (c)
The referee may alter a decision when a touch judge has raised the flag to signal touch.The referee may alter a decision when an assistant referee has raised the flag to signal touch or an act of foul play.
(a) The referee may consult with assistant referees about matters relating to their duties, the Law relating to foul play or timekeeping and may request assistance related to otheraspects of the referee’s duties including the adjudication of offside.
(b) A match organiser may appoint an official known as a Television Match Official (TMO) who uses technological devices to clarify situations relating to;
(i) When there is doubt as to whether a ball has been grounded in in-goal for a score or a touchdown.
(ii) Where there is doubt as to whether a kick at goal has been successful.
(iii) Where there is doubt as to whether players were in touch or touch in goal beforegrounding the ball in in-goal or the ball has been made dead.
(iv) Where match officials believe an offence or infringement may have occurred in the field of play leading to a try or preventing a try.
(v) Reviewing situations where match officials believe foul play may have occurred.
(vi) Clarifying sanctions required for acts of foul play.
(c) Any of the match officials including the TMO may recommend a review by the TMO. The reviews will take place in accordance with the TMO protocol in place at the time which will be available at
So the simple answer is 'yes' they are entitled.

You may also like to look at the TMO protocol in place for the World Cup 2015 which is available from this article:

The Rugby Ref

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