Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Ball travelling 10m at the kick-off.

Law 13.5 states ‘If the ball reaches the opponents’ 10 metre line or reaches the 10 metre line and is blown back, play continues’ 
Can you clarify for me if the ball has to reach the 10 metre line (at least) on the full or can it bounce short and still reach the 10 metre line for play to continue. 
This query came up at a game I was watching at the weekend with different interpretations of the law from ostensibly experienced past players. 
Cheers Steve

Hi Steve

This is a common question.  The ball just has to reach the 10m line (touch it or cross it). It makes no difference how it got there.  Indeed it is possible for a kick off to be a drop-kick grubber-kick and just bobble along the ground to the 10m line.  Or as you say it can bounce once, or go over on the full.

Thanks for the question
The Rugby Ref

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