Monday, 11 February 2013

The Rugby Ref has a new watch.

For Christmas The Rugby Ref got a new watch.  the Spintso Referees watch is specially designed for referees and has lots of useful features.

Spintso stands for Sports Intelligent Solutions, and they claim that their new watch is the "smartest referee watch in the world".

The watch has three modes.  Standard watch, stopwatch, or the special referee match mode.  In match mode the watch has a number of special features that make it a very valuable tool for the referee.

  • Count up timer, this keeps going for the whole 80 minutes
  • Count down timer, this shows how much time is left to play, and pauses when you call time off
  • Added time counter, which shows how much injury time there is
  • Half time counter
  • There is visual display of how far into the match you are (green bar)
  • The watch can be set to time periods, so two halves, or four quarters for instance
  • The watch vibrates every ten seconds when paused, so the referee can't forget to restart time after an injury
  • Lots of other features, see the Spintso website (below) for full spec
So what does The Rugby Ref think of it?  Well, he likes it.  The display is big and bright.  The countdown timer means The Rugby Ref knows exactly how much one is left, and the vibrate functions means The Rugby Ref can't forget to restart the timer and gets a non visual clue when time is up.

At around £90 this is not a cheap watch, but if you are serious about your refereeing, the The Rugby Referee highly recommends it.

More details here :
UK stockist here : A & H International

The Rugby Ref.

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