Thursday, 28 February 2013

Law 4.4 (A)

Can you please advise / comment on the above Law.

Watching Tuilagi at the weekend where his top was covered in blood. It surprised me that the ref took no action and on the contrary the Sun run an article on it praising him for playing on with blood all over his top.

Alan Hibbens

Alan, Law 4.4 (A) is quite clear.

(a) A player must not wear any item that is contaminated by blood.

The Rugby Ref has no idea why that Law would be ignored, after all it's not as if they would be short of shirts?  But then there are a lot of things that happen at the top level, that The Rugby Ref doesn't understand....and which would not be allowed at the Grass Roots Level of Rugby.

The Rugby Ref

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