Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Rugby Ref's post match meal No 4

The Rugby Ref had a last minute appointment Sunday.  The call came in Sunday morning for a referee that afternoon, and as Mrs Rugby Ref was at work, The Rugby Ref volunteered.  Ladies match, 1430 kick off.

The home ladies were very apologetic that there wasn't a hot meal.  Apparently the kitchen isn't available on a Sunday.  However one of the ladies who was injured had spent the previous day preparing pork batches, complete with apple sauce and mini scotch egg appetisers.  Somehow The Rugby Ref can't imagine the men's first team doing this!

So The Rugby Ref has to give a score.  Unfortunately The Rugby Ref can only score the meal itself and not the team spirit that went into  making it.  With that in mind The Rugby Ref scores the pork batch 3 out of 10.  Had it been a hot pork batch it would have been a lot higher.

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