Sunday, 23 October 2011

Speed Rugby - a new board game

The Rugby Ref likes a good board game, even more so if it encourages his kids to come off their Xbox!  So when he was sent a new board game about rugby, it ticked several boxes.

The game is called Speed Rugby and the box looks like this:

The Rugby Ref says it's a board game, it's actually more of a dice game.  Inside the box (which acts as a dice tray) there are six dice and some counters to keep score with.

The game, like most good games, is very simple.  You throw five dice and this gives you the option of a Try, a TMO decision, a Drop Goal, a Penalty, or Play On.  You then throw the 'validation' die to determine the outcome of a TMO decisions or a Penalty.  That is your first half over and your opponent throws his first half dice in the same way.  You then reverse the process (opponent going first) for the second half.  Add the scores up and see who wins.  Blowing of The Rugby Ref's whistle while playing is optional!

That's why it's called speed rugby, it takes just a few minutes to play and is incredibly good fun.  Like The Rugby Ref said, the best games are usually the simplist.  The Rugby Ref really likes this game and highly reccomends it for rugby fans.

The Rugby Ref has just one critiscism, the game is essentially six dice.  You don't need all that packaging and you don't need the counters for scoring.  You can keep score on a bit of paper, or a beermat (standard rugby score values).

When The Rugby Ref was a kid he had a game called 'OwzThat', which was a cricket game in a tiny tin, consisting of two metal dice like rollers.  The Rugby Ref loved that game because it fitted in his pocket and could be played anytime, anywhere, in just a few minutes.

Speed Rugby could be just like OwzThat, put the dice in a little pouch, or small box, that fits in your pocket and schoolkids will take it to school to play in the playground; rugby players and fans will take it to the rugby club or the pub, to play while sat at the bar.

You can buy Speed Rugby from Amazon for about a tenner and there are several different versions available on the Speed Rugby website.

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