Sunday, 9 October 2011

Bryce Lawrence - RWC QF

Can the panel provide an honest answer to the performance of Bryce Lawrence at the world cup quarter final. This would also have to include the asst refs. High tackles, hands in ruck etc etc. were SA fairly treated in this match or were there some other agendas here that the ref had to satisfy.
Rodney Watkins

Hi Rodney

Thanks for the questions, although there is just The Rugby Ref to answer it, no panel.

The Rugby Ref thinks that when Bryce looks back at the video of this game, he will probably acknowledge that he didn't have a "good day at the office".

However, he did treat both teams equally, he didn't affect the result of the game, and there was no hidden agenda.

So not his best peformance, but a fair result.

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