Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Rugby Ref's changing room, No 5.

Saturday afternoon, Junior Vase Cup, at a nice friendly club out in the country.  The clubhouse seems fairly new and well maintained, but there is no referee's changing room facilities.  The Rugby Ref had to use the 2nd XV changing room, which was also being used by the physio, so a short wait for them to finish before The Rugby Ref could get changed.  The Rugby Ref was also told it was lucky the 2nd XV game (also at home) had been cancelled or they really wouldn't have known where to put me!  After the game The Rugby Ref had to share the players showers and again negotiate with the physio over sharing the changing room.  Having said all that the friendliness and hospitality displayed by the home club was second to none and The Rugby Ref always enjoy going there.  However the score is for the changing room only and The Rugby Ref has to give this one 3 out of 10.

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