Sunday, 19 September 2010

Rugby needs ref's - it could be YOU!

The game of Rugby always needs more referees, have "YOU" ever thought of becoming one yourself? 

Maybe your playing days are nearing the end, but you still want to stay involved in the game? 
Maybe you want to put something back into the game?
Maybe your kids have started playing and you want to be involved with them?
Maybe you aspire to reach the top in rugby refereeing?

Whatever the reason, rugby needs you, so how do you start?

Refereeing Mini-Midi Course
This course will equip you with the basic knowledge required to referee at mini-midi level.  This covers age groups under 7 through to under 12 (the continuum).  It's a great way to get involved if your children are playing in these age groups.
For details of the RFU "Refereeing Mini-Midi Course" (new for September 2010), contact the "Club Coaching Contact" at your local club, contact your local Referee Society, or follow THIS LINK.

Entry Level Referee Award. (ELRA)
This award offers an outstanding introduction to refereeing rugby union (is there any other kind?), and will equip you with the skills and confidence to do so.  This award is recognised by the RFU as a formal refereeing qualification.
For details of the RFU "Entry Level Referee Award" contact the "Club Referee Contact" at your local club, contact your local Referee Society, or follow THIS LINK.

For more advice on how to start refereeing or choosing an appropriate course, you can contact a member of the RFU referee development team, by following THIS LINK.

The Rugby Ref started off helping the coach for his son's team, at his local club.  The club then offered to pay for anyone who wanted to referee, provided they helped the club out at the appropriate age level.  The Rugby Ref volunteered and did an ELRA course (this was before the Mini-Midi course was introduced).  He then refereed his son's team before joining his local referee society and progressing to adult games.  The Rugby Ref likes doing courses and collecting qualifications.  The Rugby ref is now a qualified Society Touch Judge, a qualified Referee Coach and an RFU Referee Trainer.

For more information on getting involved in refereeing you can go to THIS PAGE on the RFU website, and watch the excellent "Get Involved In Refereeing" video.

You can also look at this booklet "Becoming an RFU Referee".

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