Monday, 4 October 2021

Taken Back In


Just watching the All Blacks v S Africa game and a Springbok player kicked from his own 22 with the ball landing a metre or so outside the All Black's 22 which obviously is not a 50:22.

The All Blacks Outside Half picked the ball up out of play and staying out of play retreated behind his 22 line, he then threw the ball quickly to his winger who was in the 22 who then kicked directly to touch within the Springbok's half - should this have been classed as taking the ball back into your own 22 with the line out throw awarded to the Springboks in the All Blacks 22.


Hi Rob

Good question, and yes you are correct, the ball was taken back into the 22, so no gain in ground should have occurred and the resulting lineout should have been in line with where the ball was kicked.

Law 18.7 refers to this and is accompanied in the Law Book with a diagram to illustrate it.

18.7. If the mark of touch is outside the 22, the defending team may take the quick throw inside the 22 but is deemed to have taken the ball into the 22.

The Rugby Ref 

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