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This question has been bugging me for a while

This question has been bugging me for a while, and I'm not sure about the answer. 
Scenario:  In a 15s match, team A has been awarded a penalty, and they chose to kick for goal by place kicking it. The attempt at goal was genuine, however, it wasn't successful and the ball ended up in touch (either because of the strong wind, poor execution, or the ball bounced off the post) without touching any player.
According to law 18.8.c:  "Ball is kicked from a penalty.  Event: A player kicks the ball into touch (either directly or first bouncing in the field of play or hitting an opponent or the referee).  Who throws in: The kicking team."  Seems like team A should get the throw-in of the lineout.
But according to what Clarification 2, 2006 (literally 15 years ago) says:  "If the penalty kick is for goal, then it is a lineout defending team to throw in. Law 21.4(d)."  Seems like team B should get the throw-in of the lineout.
Should the referee award the throw-in of the resulting lineout to team A or team B? 
(Nigel Owens answering a similar question: )
If the same scenario happened in a 7s/10s match, is it correct that team A get the throw-in? (Since they could only drop kick for goal instead of place kicking, therefore no issue regarding "place kick for touch".)


Lots of questions there Sam, we can ignore the clarification since all clarifications were transferred into law before the new simplified law book was written.  Unfortunately the simplified law book moved and omitted a lot of useful data!

We have to go with what the Law Book currently says.  The kick at goal must be a credible attempt, however if in the very unlikely circumstances it were to genuinely get blown into touch the kicking team would get the throw in.  It is the referees decision however as to whether the attempt at goal was genuine.

In 7s/10s the drop goal is still a penalty kick, just taken in a different way (in 15s any penalty kick can be taken as a drop goal), it doesn't stop it being a penalty.  So the result would be the same.


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