Wednesday, 12 September 2018

I've just bought myself some new Canterbury boots, a good reputable rugby
brand, but I am a bit dubious about the legality of the studs.  If presented
with these on a Saturday I would think twice about allowing them to be used.
The tips are the requisite 10mm across but my concern is that the tips are
not rounded and therefore have an "edge".
Are these legal?
Timothy Wilcox

Hi, I was wondering are these studs legal for the 2018/19 rugby season
Many thanks

Hi Tim and Liam

It seems you have both bought the same boots!

If as Tim says, the tips are more than 10mm across then the boots (studs) are legal, but Tim highlights a good point.  Are the boots "safe".

If the edge of the studs became sharp of scuffed then the boots could become unsafe very quickly.

The Rugby Ref would recommend running your hand across the studs, if they scratch or cut your hand then they are unsafe.

The Rugby Ref

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