Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Line Outs

In a couple of recent games my sons team have been thwarted in the lineout on their throw.
The opposition put 2 men up front and middle before the ball is thrown and keep them there until the ball is thrown, this obviously makes it very difficult for our thrower and we only have a front and back ball option. I think this is illegal but because he plays in France and my French is very limited I cannot  get my point across. I must add that this is an u18 league with a properly appointed referee.
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Hi Norman

This sounds illegal to The Rugby Ref because players can't jump or be lifted until after the ball has left the hands of the thrower.

Looking at the new 2018 Law Book:
Law 18
20. Players must not jump or be lifted or supported before the ball has left the hands of the player throwing in. Sanction: Free-kick.
So if the opposition are held in the air waiting for the ball to be thrown it is a Free Kick offence.  The Free Kick to be taken 15m in from the touchline.  This applies to both teams.  The Rugby Ref would expect the thrower not to throw while these players are in the air, but to wait for them to come back to ground first.

The Rugby Ref doubts very much if there is some local regulation in France to negate this law.

Thanks for the question
The Rugby Ref

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