Thursday, 28 January 2016

I’m a coach at an American high school. I think if I could coach a 2 man lineout (one lifter, one jumper), it would be an unstoppable lineout, as I don’t think anyone else would be able to safely do that lift. I’m thinking about having a prop lift a scrum half using this method I have seen in cheerleading.
Is that a legal lift?
Many thanks,Joe
Hi Joe

Sorry, no, that is not a legal lift. The player is initially thrown into the air, not lifted or supported. They are then supported below the thighs in front.

19.10 OPTIONS AVAILABLE IN A LINEOUT(d) Lifting and supporting. Players may assist a team-mate in jumping for the ball by lifting and supporting that player providing that the lifting and/or supporting players do not support the jumping team-mate below the shorts from behind or below the thighs from the front.Sanction: Free Kick on the 15-metre line
The Rugby Ref

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