Monday, 26 October 2015

Are these studs legal?

Would it be possible to tell me if these studs are legal to play rugby in?
Many thanks in advance
Joe Davey

Hi Joe

The Rugby Ref gets asked this question a lot.  The legality of studs is covered in World Rugby Regulation 12 which can be found here: Regulation 12

The front four studs on these boots DO NOT look legal, as the regulation says the tip of the stud must be a minimum of 10mm across, these look narrower than that, but you would have to measure them to be sure.  They look like football studs, but there is no reason you couldn't remove them and replace them with rugby studs, which are fatter.  The two fixed plastic studs behind the metal ones look ok, but again you would have to measure them to be sure.

The Rugby Ref

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