Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Penalty Try........?

Hi Rugby Ref,when Morahan made the tackle on the line he seemed to knock the ball forward out of Farrell's grip.Is this not a deliberate knock on? Should it have been a penalty try and if so why didn't the TMO say something?
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Hi Bob

The Rugby Ref watched this incident in real time and then again in slow motion.
In real time, Farrell's body language said he had made a mistake.
In slow motion it was obvious to The Rugby Ref that Farrell had knocked on prior to Morahan sticking his hand in.
The Rugby Ref agrees with the TMO that the knock on by Farrell was the first offence, everything else is immaterial.
The Rugby Ref has heard a few appeals for a penalty try, but genuinely feels that would be a very unexpected result.
The Rugby Ref believes that (in line with current thinking) offences should be clear, obvious and expected.  That doesn't mean the referee should pander to the crowd, but it does mean he shouldn't stick himself out on a limb.

Thanks for the question Bob.
The Rugby Ref

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