Thursday, 18 April 2013

Who gives a toss?

I always hear some conflicts around this point so I would love to know the truth. At coin toss what options do the winning team have, and likewise the non winning team.   
Thanks, Ryan.


This is a very simple law, but one that referees and players alike get confused over.

The law says:

6.A.3 Duties of the referee before the match
(a) Toss. The referee organises the toss. One of the captains tosses a coin and the other captain calls to see who wins the toss. The winner of the toss decides whether to kick off or to choose an end. If the winner of the toss decides to choose an end, the opponents must kick off and vice versa.

The winner of the toss will choose between "kick or choose ends".  Whichever they choose, the other captain gets the other option.

So if the winner chooses and end, the loser kicks off.
If the winner decides to kick off, the loser chooses an end.

The only option they can't choose is "to receive".  If they want to receive then they must choose an end.

Hope that explains it.

The Rugby Ref.

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