Sunday, 22 April 2012

A question on Rucks.......or TV.......or Materiality?

Dear Rugby Ref,

I am a little confused by the current trend of players pulling other off their feet in the ruck. It usually goes something like this: Tackle made, perfectly legitimate ruck forms with two players in contact over the ball and on their feet, then the teammate of the tackled player judo-throws his opposite number onto the ground. Presumably this is so the defender cannot try to play the ball as he would now be off his feet. Surely this is collapsing the ruck which is not allowed by the LOTG? Although this tactic completely goes against my instincts as a ref, should I be coaching my players to do this as it is effective. Or, should I not allow it and pre-brief teams that I ref that I don’t care what they see on the TV it isn’t allowed when I’m reffing??

Thank you, love the blog, keep it up!



We have covered this aspect of rugby (in different areas) before.  You mustn't confuse the rugby you see on TV with real grass roots rugby.

Your final sentence sums it The Rugby Ref always says to players "when you are on TV, you can do what they do.....until then we'll stick to the laws of the game".

Martin just remember, is the offence material or not?

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