Sunday, 20 February 2011

Trion:Z bracelet, the verdict.

The Rugby Ref has been wearing the Trion:Z dual loop bracelet for nearly three weeks now.  He has been wearing it day and night, not even taking it off in the shower.

The problem The Rugby Ref had, was knowing if any results were as a consequence of wearing the bracelet, or from other outside forces.  This particular problem has not been solved, so The Rugby Ref has decided to just chart any observations and let you, the reader, make your own mind up.

First thing first.  The Rugby Ref chose the England bracelet shown in an earlier post.  The bracelet looked great, although the white loop is now getting a bit grubby.  Despite wearing it in the shower and giving it a bit of a scrub, this hasn't helped.  So The Rugby Ref's advice, from an aesthetic point of view, is to go for a darker colour.  The Rugby ref would recommend the "Help for Heroes" bracelet.

Week one:  What a nightmare.  Every day The Rugby Ref had aching joints and muscles, every night The Rugby Ref had a disturbed night's sleep.  This was despite feeling ok up to that point.  The Rugby Ref has had many medical treatments where he has been told, "it will get worse, before it gets better".  Maybe this applies to the Trion:Z bracelet?

Week two:  Things got a lot better.  No more aching joints in the mornings, started to sleep like a baby, waking refreshed.  Is there something to this bracelet, or was last week just a coincidence?  Half way through this week the wrist The Rugby Ref was wearing the bracelet on started to ache, right round where the bracelet lies.

Week three:  Wrist stopped aching in the middle of the week, but still feel the odd twinge?  Feeling great in the mornings, even after a game, no aching joints or muscles, even The Rugby Ref's sciatica has faded a bit.

Over all thoughts:  The Rugby Ref is a scientific sort of person, Darwinist rather than Creationist.  Mrs Rugby Ref is a qualified Reflexologist and The Rugby Ref is convinced that works, so he is not against alternative medicine.  Does this bracelet work?  Well The Rugby Ref definitely feels fitter and more alert since the first week of wearing it.  Is this down to the bracelet?  Quite possibly.  Is it a placebo effect or a medical effect?  Who knows, does it matter?

Verdict:  Buy one and make your own mind up.  If it helps you, who cares why?  They look good, they might do you some good, so why not give it a go?  The Rugby Ref wont be taking his off for a while and will update you all if anything changes.

Trion:Z magnetic therapy bracelets

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