Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Rugby Ref's changing room, No 14

The Rugby Ref was pleasantly surprised when he arrived mid week at this club.  They have done some building work since last season and The Rugby Ref was greeted with the sight of three new changing rooms, for a team of three match officials.

In something reminiscent of the old game show "Let's Make a Deal", The Rugby Ref said "let's see what's behind door number 1?"  Unfortunately the answer was some ladders and various decorating materials.

So The Rugby Ref said "let's see what's behind door number 2?"  The answer to that was locked.
"Let's see what's behind door number 3?"  This time it was trestle tables and old kit.

So after a promising start The Rugby Ref ended up in a spare team changing room.  It was very cold and not particularly clean.  The door at the far end led to a store room and players kept coming in, ("excuse me Sir"), to collect tackle bags, flag poles, etc.  Showers were shared with the away team and there was no pressure.  The Rugby Ref gives this changing room 2 out of 10.

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