Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Rugby Ref's changing room, No 11.

Unfortunately The Rugby Ref can't show you a picture of yesterday's changing room.  This is because when he arrived at the club he was given a list of prohibited items.  Firearms, drugs, mobile phones, electrical items, aerosols, glass containers, etc, etc.  This meant that The Rugby Ref was unable to take a photo of the changing room on his phone.  The photo below shows the rugby pitch on the left.  It is surrounded by a 30 foot high wall, topped with razor wire.  The changing room is the small brick building in the bottom right of the compound.  I am sure you have worked out by now that The Rugby Ref was in a prison.  The changing room was basic, no coat hooks, everything bolted down and vandal proof, but under the circumstances that's understandable.  There was a toilet, hot showers and it was very, very secure.  The Rugby Ref gives this room 8 out of 10.

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