Sunday, 13 June 2010

Trying to forget!

Sunday morning.  Beautiful day, still fairly cool when I got up, so went for a quick jog round the block.  2.1 miles in 20 minutes.  More important a good recovery time on my heart rate.

I remember doing this run at the start of training last year.  I had to lie down for an hour to recover; not nearly as bad this time.  Quick walk as a warm down, took a shower and I felt OK.

Trying not to think about the sport from yesterday.  Neither England team set the world alight. 

England Rugby Football team looked all at sea against Australia, although they played better in the second half.  But it was all forward play, running into defenders and getting nowhere.  No imagination.  We had just a couple of breakaway runs, which shows we can do it when we try, but overall a poor performance.  The only saving grace was that the scrum was awesome, although to be fair Australia have never had a good scrum.  I thought Nigel Owen had a good game.  Would have liked to see a yellow card earlier for the scrum going down, but I thought it was a brave (and definitely correct) decision  to give the second Penalty Try.

England Association Football Team started off well, but just didn't capitalise on their goal.  We are however known for starting slowly, so I am hoping things will improve on Friday.

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