Monday, 8 January 2018

Uncontested Scrums

We all think we know what an uncontested scrum is. Primarily no pushing when the ball is put in. Yesterday during the game the referee had to order uncontested scrums. But during the rest of the game both No 8s picked up the ball at the base and carried the ball.
Is this allowed for uncontested scrums? When I looked at Law 3, not much information is given as to what constitutes an uncontested scrum.
Hi Steve

When scrums go uncontested there is no pushing allowed, and the putting in side must win the ball.
ALL other scrum laws still apply.

So there is no restriction on the No 8 picking up the ball in accordance with Law 20.10(c)
20.10 ENDING THE SCRUM(c) Hindmost player unbinds. The hindmost player in a scrum is the player whose feet are nearest the team’s own goal line. If the hindmost player unbinds from the scrum with the ball at that player’s feet and picks up the ball , the scrum ends.
The Rugby Ref

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