Monday, 14 January 2019

Laws of the Game 2019

The Laws of the Game 2019 are now available to download from the World Rugby website.


Best post match meal this year.

The changing room this weekend had everything you need apart from some heating, however lovely hot showers made up for that 9/10

The post match meal was delicious.  A home made burger with lettuce, tomato, cheese and a selection of relish, some triple cooked chips, lovely pint of Doombar 10/10

Total score 19/20, well done that club.

Friday, 4 January 2019

Referees changing rooms update

The Rugby Ref visited a few clubs over the holiday period.

This changing room has improved since the last visit.  You used to step out of the shower straight in front of a window, that had a wonderful view of the bar!  This window has now been replaced with a frosted glass version, so the score goes up to 10/10.  Well done.

Unfortunately the post match meal took a nose dive with a dry unappetising stew that The Rugby Ref didn't even eat.

This second changing room had everything you need including a mirror, a drink and a chocolate bar.  Another 10/10 for the festive period.

Once again let down by the meal though.  A very basic overcooked pasta and sauce.

The last club The Rugby Ref visited was on the coldest day of the season so far.  The changing room given to the referee was a disabled toilet/shower.  Nothing wrong with that, apart from the fact that it was filthy dirty with mud all over the floor.  The door didn't close properly and the door handle was missing.  There was no heating whatsoever and after the game there was no hot water.  The Rugby Ref was so cold after the game, that with no heating and no shower he took the very unusual decision not to even stay for the meal, but to just get into his car and drive home with the heater on full blast.  0/10 is being generous.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Maul question

On Saturday I reffed a level 9 game. During the maul phase players went to ground, not deliberately. On two occasions players insisted they could remain holding the ball on the ground to prevent the player in possession getting the ball to scrum half ie (blue tackles red, remain on feet, maul formed. Blue and red players wrestling for ball fall to floor on red side. Blues remains holding ball preventing continuum of play). What worries me that both teams attempted this tactic and inferred this was allowed. 
I sanctioned both plays as playing the ball on floor preventing release. Was I incorrect. I have re read the Law 16.16 but I am non the wiser? 

Unfortunately the players were correct on this occasion, but well done for questioning yourself and hopefully you will be able to get it right from now on.

When a maul goes to ground legally (i.e. it was not pulled down by anyone) then players who have a hold of the ball or ball carrier do not have to release or roll away (law 16 doesn't say they have to; as it does in the tackle law for instance). 

This then becomes an unsuccessful maul because the ball has become unplayable and/or was not immediately available.  The result is a scrum turned over to the team that didn't take it in (unless it was formed from a kick in open play; see law 16.18).

The wording of the law has changed slightly in the new 2018 law book, but the law itself hasn't changed. 

Also remember they don't have to roll away if they are on the ball as it collapses, but they can't dive over the ball after the maul goes down.  And the ball must be available immediately for play to continue.

The Rugby Ref

Another game, another changing room...

Here we are again 17/20

The changing room was basic, but had everything you need...except a mirror.  Own toilet and shower (although the pressure was low), lovely warm heater. 8/10

The pie and beans was so nice The Rugby Ref had eaten half of it before he remembered to take a photo.  Good pint of ale.  The cardboard bowl was marginally better than a foam one, but trying to eat a pie with a flimsy plastic fork was a challenge.  9/10

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Hi, I saw your blog and wonder if you'd like to weigh in on an event that happened to me on Saturday?
Lineout, red throw in and the ball goes in not straight. The blue team throw up a jumper who stretches so far to get the ball that his lifters drop him cold on his back.
I gave a FK as a safety measure -  under 18 28 c) Lift or support a player from the same team. Players who support or lift a team-mate must lower the player to the ground safely as soon as the ball is won by a player of either team.
However the appeals were quite interesting. They agreed with the event, but suggested that because an obvious 'not straight' was the first offence and there was no foul play, that I should have ignored the player getting dropped afterwards.
Perhaps, in hindsight as 18 28 c) is intended to stop players being held up longer than necessary that they were right and that dropping your own player should be a PK under 9 11) Players must not do anything that is reckless or dangerous to others.
Hi Chris

An interesting question.  What outweighs what when we have more than one offence.

Basically we have two events:
Throw not straight.  Line out or Scrum on the 15m line.
Player not lowered to the ground safely.  Free Kick.

You were right to use law 18.28, the key phrase being: "Players who support or lift a team-mate must lower the player to the ground safely as soon as the ball is won".

This is in line with the new law on lifting a player in open play (9.26) which repeats the phrase above and also gives the sanction of a Free Kick.

So which offence takes precedence?

The Rugby Ref would suggest that the principles of refereeing should prevail.  Safety first, then Enjoyment/Equity, then Law.  Safety always comes first.  Although a Free Kick would usually outweigh a line out / scrum option anyway.

So if safety trumps law, then you should penalise the team not bringing their team-mate to ground safely.

Free Kick to Red.  However The Rugby Ref would have no problem with a Penalty Kick to Red for dangerous play.

The Rugby Ref

Monday, 15 October 2018

5th game of the season

5th game of the season for The Rugby Ref, 18/20

The changing room was great, own shower, nice and warm, drink and snack waiting...but no mirror and referee's are a vain bunch.  9/10

Good pint of Guinness and a lovely spicy bowl of meat and potato stew.  But again it came in those horrible foam bowls with a plastic spoon.  9/10