Monday, 4 September 2017

More Questions Than Answers

After watching a club game yesterday I have two queries.
My first query is: the defence passes the ball into the in-goal area and the resulting clearance kick by them is charged down by an opposition player, also in the in-goal area. The ball goes dead over the dead ball line. How should the game be restarted.
Secondly. if a quick throw-in is taken when the ball has gone into touch. Can an opposition player be deemed off-side when intercepting the ball being thrown in?

Hi Steve

For your first query the game should restart with an attacking 5m scrum.  It's not about who made the ball dead, it's about who put it into in goal.  The defence took it into in goal and it was made dead (it doesn't really matter how), so it's an attacking scrum.

For your second query it depends on where he starts from.  Was he offside before the ball went into touch?  If he wasn't then he is legal to attempt to block the quick throw in, provided he doesn't do so from within the 5m channel.   So if he was ahead of his kicker when the ball went into touch he is offside, but he wont be penalised unless it becomes material.  If the quick throw is not on then it wont become material.  If it is and he interferes then he is liable to be penalised.

Thanks for the questions Steve
The Rugby bRef


  1. For the second query - What is the relevant law to back up the answer given please? I have had this scenario in a match I refereed last season. To my mind once the ball goes dead no-one can be offside. General play has ended.

    The sanction for 11.1(c) talks about penalising for general play - So I am not sure it applies once the ball is made dead.

    As above I'd be grateful for your thoughts on what law supports the answer given?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi

    You are effectively playing advantage for the player being offside before the ball goes dead. When he interferes with the quick throw it becomes material and you come back for the penalty which happened before the ball went dead.

    The Rugby Ref